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Book Ledgers Inc is a family owned company.  The owners are White County natives and have a love for startups as well as small and medium sized businesses.  Book Ledgers Inc. provides web-based bookkeeping and tax services from our location in Sparta, Tennessee. Our online footprint allows us to serve business near and far.  The business is also in the process of adding financial coaching services.

We partner with other companies to provide latest financial tools, techniques, and security available on the market today.  We minimize our overhead by practicing what we preach.  We help clients keep finances in order and use it to run their business, rather than being run by the business.  With a web-based environment, regular reporting and data is available almost anytime and anywhere.

Our goal is helping customers gain their freedom so that they can enjoy their business and personal accomplishments.   We want to provide the best bookkeeping services and insight to their finances possible. It is also our company goal to help enable customers to attain the new house or car, send the children to college, take the dream vacation, or achieve other goals they desire.

Kailoni Lawson

co-owner & cfo, book ledgers, inc.

My name is Kailoni Lawson, co-owner and CFO of Book Ledgers, Inc.

Over the past few years, I have worked for Averitt Express, Inc.  I have been managing the Inter-modal department.  Working in this department, I have been able to help move freight for companies while saving them money compared to traditional methods.

I realized early on, I have a passion for saving money while providing excellent service.  This is something I chose to make a career out of with Averitt Express, Inc., and now,  at Book Ledgers Inc.

I started my first business around the age of 6.  I used the Halloween candy I collected while trick-or-treating as an inventory, and when my siblings ran out of their own candy – I would sell them mine.  I realized at a very early age, I needed money for things I wanted and needed.  In high school, I focused on a career path in finances.  I went on to college to receive a four year degree in Accounting.

I have a true passion for helping people manage and save money, while still being able to afford the service.  Book Ledgers, Inc was founded on this mentality.  It is a personal goal of mine and our business to help businesses with their finances.

We understand the want and need for a home, car, and even a vacation.  We will help make that a possibility for you by helping you control and manage your income, while offering tax services during the time of year all business owners do not look forward to.

William Raper

co-owner & coo, book ledgers, inc.

Hello, I am William Raper, co-owner and COO of Book Ledgers Inc.

I have been a small business owner and consultant for over ten years. Throughout my professional career, I have worked in a variety of industries and gained experience in a wide variety of areas that I never imagined I would have the pleasure to take part in.

As a small business owner and consultant starting out green all those years ago, I can say without reservation that I have done many things wrong, especially in the way I handled managing the finances.  I believed that my experiences in my profession and management would provide the tools I needed to manage the entire business.  I had a good working knowledge of business operation, controlling finances, and the legalities of business, but the problem became time.

I put off things that ‘could be done later’ to focus on the reason I was in business- providing consultant services.  Where I paid dearly, though, was in not controlling the finances in real time and understanding the ups and downs of the business cycles in the areas I served. I paid dearly, many times, and learned valuable lessons.

Out of those experiences came 10 years of experience and on-the-job training to gain the knowledge I now have.  This business is dedicated to that effort.  It is the goal of Book Ledgers Inc. to help others with the financial side of their business.


Book Ledgers, Inc. is based in Sparta, Tennessee and serves both local and distance clients.

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