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Accounts Receivable Support

Accounts Receivable represents the money due to your company for services or goods provided to your customers. Many times there will be an extension of credit as a good faith relationship between companies and other companies or customers.

The accounts receivable function does not only deal with depositing the money, but many times, following up to see why is has not been received, when it will be received, and, if late, how the customer intends to pay.

As a rule, the longer a debt is outstanding, the harder it is to collect. Therefore, it is an important part of the accounts receivable function to also estimate amounts that are unlikely to be collected.

We are happy to help with you AR functions and help make sure income and receivables that are unlikely to be recovered are accurately reported.

Historic Cleanup

Like many businesses, when there is too much to do, something has to go. While we don’t recommend letting the books go, we certainly understand the pain of needing time.

We can help bring your past financial records up to date. We can also help with the process of doing trial reports and looking for errors in the records.

If the process involves bringing tax filings up to date, we can help there too.

Subscription Services

We can provide Bookkeeping software and apps on a subscription basis to help you with your business needs.

Optionally, we can provide training and assistance with your software configuration. We can also provide support as needed with your account to keep things running smoothly.

Accounts Payable Support

We can manage the processing of your accounts payable bills. This process involves three key metrics.

– Processing invoices only after verifying them as being both legitimate and accurate.

– Accurate reporting of payments to the correct general ledger accounts.

– Accrual of expenses and future obligations that are being prepared for processing.

We can help add accuracy and efficiency to the AP process.


We can help create a budget based on your past financial history and input from you regarding goals and expected future events.

We can use your past to help create a better, more predicable future. Historical analysis can help create a more realistic budget to keep you on a path of growth.

We gather industry data and compile it so you can see how your company compares to others in your industry.

While it an expensive process, it can have a huge positive result on your bottom line. This is an in-depth apples to apples comparison of your business and others similar to yours in the industry. This helps identify areas where others are improving revenue, lowering cost, or improving efficiency with respect to your business on a one-to-one basis.

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