Personal Tax

We can help with your personal taxes.  Here is a small list of our personal tax services:

– Income from employers,  salary, and wages
– Income from retirement
– IRA distributions
–  Tips and  commission
– Business income
–  Dividends
–  Rent
– Alimony
– Capital gains
– IRA distributions
– Income from Social Security when total income exceeds set limits

Tax deductions can be itemized for greater savings in some cases.  The following are among the most common:

– College tuition and interest from a student loan
– Cost of medical/dental services
– Mortgage interest, points, and property tax
– Second home
– Rental property
– Casualty loss
– Theft
– Allowed state taxes
–Charitable donations
– Expenses for a home office

What tax credits are available?

Tax credits change every year.  Some common credits include:

– Earned income credit
– First-time home-buyer credit
– Child care, dependent care credits
– Adoption credits
– Hope credit
– Lifetime Learning credit
– Elderly or disabled credits
– Credits for retirement contributions.

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